SKYE Korean Style Perm

If you are not sure about Korean perms, you can consult us and ask for advice on the matter.

SKYE Hair experts knows your hair more than you do, so make sure to talk to an expert you trust and get information from them as much as possible.

If you’re looking to switch up your hairstyle and try something new, a perm might be just the thing for you!

From Korean perms to digital perms, setting perms to wave perms, there are many options to choose from depending on the look you want to achieve.

SKYE offers a more relaxed vibe, the hippie perm might be the way to go, while those wanting more volume and body may prefer the volume magic perm.

If you’re looking for a straighter, sleeker look, the C Curl perm could be the perfect choice. Whatever your preference, you can find a wide range of perm options at SKYE ORGANIC , including fringe perms and other popular perm styles.

We suggest Korean Perm, here is why.

What kind of perms do we offer ?

1. C-Curl Perm

These usually appear at the end of the hair like C-shaped waves. The drama Descendants of the Sun has made these C-curl perming quite popular. After it was released, many people wanted to get that haircut!

If you are a massive fan of having a bob style, then you should go for the C-curl perming technique since it looks gorgeous with the C-curls on.

Even if you have long locks, you can still get the c-curl, making your hair look prettier.

2. S-Curl Perm

Unlike the C-curl perm, the S-curl perm is extremely easy to manage and requires less maintenance. The curls in the S-shape are somewhat wavy and flowy, with a more defined S shape at the end of the hair.

If you want an extremely girly, feminine, and effortless look, we suggest you go for an S-curl perm style. You will feel like a princess in the office with that hair.

3. J Curl (Body Wave perm

The J Curl body wave perm is a modified version of the Korean S-curl perm. It has a more wavy look, making you look slightly formal and giving you that put-together look that you are aiming for. It is one of the great hairstyles for an office/working woman.

All the S-curls in a body wave perm are flowing in one similar direction, thus being symmetrical and tied.

Google Review

Ruthi C Vanlalruati


Feels like a real korean – the perms are so real and the choice of S Curl looks really good on me. I will definitely come back and retouch after few months if needed