Scalp Treatments

Our scalp needs just as much care as our hair. From daily abuses like changes in weather to more complex scalp issues, the health of our scalps is a crucial part of our hair care routine.

Scalp treatments can be formulated to help decrease the severity of the particular issue or simply maintain a healthy scalp environment

Are you experiencing hair loss? Dry or extremely damaged hair? Light to intense dandruff? Excessive oil production causing greasy hair and scalp?

Our Scalp Detox Treatment is the crucial first step for almost each and every one of our treatments.

Why? Think of it as a delicate form of microdermabrasion for the scalp. It has a gentle peeling action, removing the scalp’s outermost layer. In addition, it prepares the scalp by deeply cleaning and toning, allowing you to obtain increased benefits from subsequent treatments. This product is only available in the salon, and must be applied by a licensed professional. There are also other products used in specific treatments that are only available when applied by a professional.

Our scalp massages are for more than just ultimate relaxation. They provide important stimulating pressure for increased circulation and lymphatic drainage. The massage plays an important role in enhancing the efficacy of the products and treatments while also being an essential moment taken to restore your mental-physical equilibrium.


Our private treatment room is a relaxing escape from the bustle of the outside world. Dim lighting, calming music, and the soothing smell of plants and botanicals fills your nose and livens your senses.


All treatments include 20+ minutes of scalp massage. Beginning with a deep massage, then a cleansing and conditioning massage at the shampoo bowl, and (when applicable) a final superactive massage. The treatments will transform your scalp and hair, but the overall experience will leave you in a state of zen.


Before we begin your first therapeutic treatment, we will use our 1000x zoomed  scalp analysis  to take photos of your scalp to determine the needs of your scalp and hair. We will then track progress along the way with follow-up treatments.

Dry Itchy Scalp Treatment

Our Scalp Treatments and Scalp Care Therapies care can help to relieve itchy scalps, flaky scalps and reduce hair loss.

How is dry scalp diagnosed?

Dry scalp does not usually require a diagnosis. Instead, it is usually self-diagnosed from the symptoms. Dry scalp symptoms include:
All treatments were tailored to provide the best dry scalp treatments for women and men providing nourishment and hydration for hair follicles using organic ingredients which support hair growth

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Google Review

Scott Chiang


Great service, and friendly staffs, especially Nick! He is knowledgeable and able to give suggestions.
Have been doing hair loss and hair growth treatment for around 8-9 weeks, and I’ve seen significant improvement. Hair fall has reduced significantly and numerous baby hairs have started to grow.