Hair Rebonding

Our Hair rebonding transforms frizzy, naturally curly, wavy or unmanageable locks into sleek, silky straight hair.

A true transformative treatment, SKYE Hair Rebonding uses safe chemicals to straighten hair semi-permanently, by protecting the hair shaft’s natural bonds and rearranging them to form new bonds.


Why SKYE Signature Rebond is better than other Salons:

We use products that have

The good thing about SKYE Signature Rebond is it’s really not that complicated to care for.

With the right product in very capable hands of a really good hairstylist and your strong commitment to maintain it in the long term, our rebond can last for close to a year!

To ensure that your daily maintenance and styling is also of top quality, SKYE also offers a range of shampoo and treatments that can guarantee a solid maintenance.

SKYE also offers based conditioners for hair repair and cuticle treatment products formulated for rebonded, relaxed, and even color-treated hair like the original Keratin Reconstructor.

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Juliet Pilien


My hair is not Flat
I love the look now and i am very comfortable with the ambiance and friendly staff .