Hair Remodelling


Not sure if a Smoothing Treatment is right for you? No problem! For a limited time only, book a Complimentary one-on-one consultation with a Smoothing Expert.

This creates an open environment to ask any questions you may have about smoothing treatments and be given realistic expectations of their outcomes. We emphasize listening to our clients, providing open communication and expert guidance.

Our premier Keratin Treatments offers a unique experience for our clients hair goals by providing expert stylists in a luxurious environment at reasonable pricing.


is the first salon of its kind, specializing in hair smoothing treatments exclusively. We offer 3 different types of smoothing treatments available to accommodate everyone’s different hair type, texture and desired results.95% Frizz free hair Makes hair Strong, soft, smoother and shiny Restores and rebuilds damaged hair Seals and locks in color for a much longer time NO future damage to the hair

Keragloss :

24 K

Best for those with coarse resistant hair types or fine hair lacking weight.

999 K also called as Global Keratin

Google Reviews

Csawmi Sawmi

My hair is not Flat I love the look now and i am very comfortable with the ambiance and friendly staff — wow no HARD SELLING

Apple Pie

The hairstylist is the best. Simply the best. She put her heart into her work. I would recommend highly recommend her. I was able to walk in earlier today (Wednesday afternoon). I have a lot of hair and they are very thick and rigid. It is really hard to style. She made my hair look exactly how I wanted. Thanks again for the hard work.