Organic Hair Dye

Skye offers an innovative concept promoting a more gentle approach to hair coloring.

Every Colour guest receives a WST (wet strand test) to determine the proper hair care for longer lasting hair color. We are proud to offer you the most natural , organic hair color

When it comes to dying or highlighting your hair, you might think the most important question is: what color? But the much more important thing to figure out is where to find the best organic salon near you. That’s because salons are full of harmful chemicals and finding a non-toxic hair dye is super important for protecting your health.

Why Non-Toxic Hair Dye Is So Important for Your Health

Can you name your best friend’s hair color?

This question might be tougher to answer than you think because chances are that she dyes, or at least highlights, her hair. In fact, the most recent numbers indicate that 75% of Singaporeans color their hair, a number that’s been increasing dramatically over the decades. And while we love the freedom to play around with hair color, we also know that chemicals in hair dye — and other hair salon products — can cause some serious health issues, making non-toxic hair dye something we should all prioritize.

Think about it: it takes a lot to change the color of someone’s hair, especially if they’re making a drastic change (like from dark brown or black to blonde). So for decades, salons and major companies have turned to harsh chemicals to do the heavy lifting. While the specific formulations vary from product to product, there are a number of particularly harmful chemicals to be aware of when you’re coloring your hair:

We specialize in using all organic products and holistic hair care lines. Our organic hair color has no ammonia, no itching, no PPD, no burning, no chemicals, and is designed to make you look your best without exposing yourself to harmful ingredients.

The world is changing, and many of us are looking for more natural solutions. We are becoming chemically conscious.

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The Best Organic Hair Coloring in town and
Now I am confident that I can color any time without damaging my scalp.

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